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AllRemind™ - Convenient Online Notification Services.

Email, SMS and Mobile Push

Enables you to get a fully managed messaging service.

AllRemind makes it easy to send messages or notifications to users via SMS, mobile push, and email that are triggered by predefined thresholds.

AllRemind reports help you monitor your sending activities, such as, the recipient received the message and opened it in their email client, or the recipient clicked one or more links in the email, or the recipient marked the email as spam.

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Online, Fast and Easy.

Securely share your screen, files, tasks and calendar in a group or organization over the world wide using a web browser.

Free Lifetime Account. Credit card is not required.

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About Us

EnFlexWork was founded in 2010 with a vision to create innovative cloud-based systems based on the open source projects. EnFlexWork is a privately held company located in Calgary, Canada.

EnFlexWork launched FlexSharing™ in July, 2012 and launched AllRemind™ in Nov, 2014.

EnFlexWork Technologies Ltd.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Phone: 1-403-889-7238